rior4's collection of pearl jam
      singles, promos and samplers

      (all cd in jewelcase, except where noted) {all from USA, except where noted}
      albums, bootlegs and other
ZAT-4041alive/wash/i've got a feeling (cassette)
ZSK-4041alive/wash/i've got a feeling (picture disc)
ZSK-4166alive (no front insert, picture disc)
657572-2alive/once/wash (cardsleeve) {australia}
657572-2alive/once/wash (slimline) {austria}
SRCS-5884alive[1991aug03]/even flow[re-recorded]/wash/dirty frank (picture disc) {japan}
ZSK-4285cultivate the tour why go/deep/alive[1991aug03] (picture disc)
ZSK-4469even flow/dirty frank (picture disc)
657857-2even flow/dirty frank/oceans[remix] (slimline, picture disc) {australia}
657857-2even flow/dirty frank/oceans[remix] (cardsleeve) {australia}
657857-2even flow[re-recorded]/dirty frank/oceans[remix] (slimline) {austria}
657857-2even flow[re-recorded]/dirty frank/oceans[remix] (slimline, picture disc) {uk}
CDNK-685even flow/wash/dirty frank/oceans (cardsleeve) {canada}
34K-77934even flow/dirty frank/oceans[remix]
35-74745jeremy/alive (vinyl)
ZSK-4606jeremy (picture disc)
658180-2jeremy[radio edit]/footsteps[1992may11]/yellow ledbetter (slimline, picture disc) {australia}
658180-2jeremy[radio edit]/footsteps[1992may11]/yellow ledbetter (slimline) {australia}
658258-2jeremy[radio edit]/yellow ledbetter/alive[1991aug03] (slimline, picture disc) {uk}
34K-77935jeremy[radio edit]/footsteps[1992may11]/yellow ledbetter
658472-2oceans/why go*/deep*/alive* [*1992jun08] (slimline) {austria}
658472-5oceans/why go*/deep*/alive* [*1992jun08] (digipak, picture disc) {austria/uk}
659795-2go/alone/elderly woman[acoustic] (slimline) {austria}
659795-2go/alone/elderly woman[acoustic] (slimline with XPC-4125 animal[live] cassette) {austria}
659795-6go/alone/elderly woman[acoustic] (vinyl with same cassette) {holland}
34K-77938daughter/blood[1993nov05]/yellow ledbetter[1993nov06]
660020-7daughter/blood[1993nov05] (red vinyl) {uk}
34K-77939dissident/release*/rearviewmirror*/even flow*/dissident*/why go*/deep* [*1994apr03]
660291-5live in atlanta disc#2 disc#3 [1994apr03] (triple digipak) {europe}
34K-77948animal/animal*/jeremy* [*1994apr03]
660338-2animal/jeremy/oceans/alive[1992jun08] (cardsleeve) {australia}
660519-2animal/jeremy*/daughter*/animal* [*1994apr03] (cardsleeve) {australia}
34K-77771spin the black circle/tremor christ
34-77771spin the black circle/tremor christ (vinyl)
34-77771spin the black circle/tremor christ (vinyl, with promo sticker)
34K-77772not for you/out of my mind[1994apr02]
34K-77873immortality/rearviewmirror[the frogs]
34K-78199i got id/long road (merkinball) (folding cardboard sleeve)
34-78199i got id/long road (merkinball) (vinyl)
34K-78389who you are/habit (digipak)
888751890077who you are/habit (2016 vinyl)
SRCS-8246hail, hail/black, red, yellow (slimline) {japan}
888751890176hail, hail/black, red, yellow (2016 vinyl)
664087-1off he goes/dead man (cardsleeve) {australia}
34-78491off he goes/dead man (1996 vinyl)
888751889972off he goes/dead man (2016 vinyl)
34K-78797given to fly/pilate/leatherman (digipak)
34-78797given to fly/pilate/leatherman (1997 vinyl, white innersleeve)
34-78797given to fly/pilate/leatherman (1997 vinyl, with titlestrip)
889853036479given to fly/pilate/leatherman (2016 vinyl)
34K-78896wishlist/u/brain of j.[1998mar05] (digipak)
34-78896wishlist/u/brain of j.[1998mar05] (1998 vinyl)
889853036578wishlist/u/brain of j.[1998mar05] (2016 vinyl)
34K-79197last kiss/soldier of love[live] (digipak)
34K-79416nothing as it seems/insignificance (digipak)
669091-2nothing as it seems/insignificance/footsteps[1999oct30]/better man[1999oct31] (digipak) {austria}
889854387877nothing as it seems/insignificance (2017 vinyl)
669571-2light years/grievance*/soon forget* [*2000may10] (digipak) {austria}
889854387976light years/soon forget[2000may10] (2017 vinyl)
promo samplereurope on tour 2000 (6 tracks, just disc)
ESK16594-S1live across america (15 tracks promo sampler, die-cut sleeve)
673176-2i am mine/down/bushleaguer/undone (digipak) {australia}
889854388270i am mine/down (2017 vinyl)
34K-79844save you/other side (digipak)
889854388379save you/other side (2017 vinyl)
ES-759252bushleaguer/down (vinyl)
889854388171bushleaguer/love boat captain (2017 vinyl)
-man of the hour/man of the hour[demo]
ESK-57436alone[band-aid]/sad/wash[band-aid]/yellow ledbetter/last kiss/fatal (cardsleeve, lost dogs)
82876634862man of the hour/black/crazy mary/daughter [2003oct22] (cardsleeve, benaroya hall)
82876821942world wide suicide (digipak)
889854388478world wide suicide/life wasted (2017 vinyl)
82876849932life wasted[radio edit]/life wasted (digipak) {europe}
82876894107life wasted/come back[2006jun27] (vinyl)
88697001182gone (digipak)
ZS74906fan club single 1992 (vinyl)
ZS75610fan club single 1993 (vinyl)
ZSS7628fan club single 1995 (vinyl)
ES79358fan club single 1996 (vinyl)
ES73857fan club single 1997 (vinyl)
ES749997fan club single 1999 (vinyl)
ES716450fan club single 2000 (vinyl)
ES756680fan club single 2001 (vinyl)
ES768540fan club single 2002 (vinyl)
3ES58120fan club single 2003 (vinyl)
TC-2004fan club single 2004 (vinyl)
TC-2005fan club single 2005 (vinyl)
TC-2006fan club single 2006 (vinyl)
TC-2007fan club single 2007 (vinyl)
TC-2008fan club single 2008 (vinyl)
TC-2009fan club single 2009 (vinyl)
TC-2010fan club single 2010 (vinyl)
MWR-1257fan club single 2011 (vinyl)
-fan club single 2012 (vinyl)
TC-2013fan club single 2013 (vinyl)
TC-2014fan club single 2014 (vinyl)
-fan club single 2015 (vinyl)
-fan club single 2016 (vinyl)
ZK-47857ten (canada, made at smc)
-ten (mexico)
ZK-53136vs. (usa, jewelbox, not vs. printed on spine)
ZK-53136vs. (usa, eco-pack)
-no code (mexico)
-yield (mexico)
-live on two legs
-riot act
E2K85738lost dogs
Ten Clublive at benaroya hall october 22nd 2003
82876-71466-2live at easy street
82876-71467-2pearl jam
ZT-47857ten (usa, cassette)
ZT-53136vs. (usa, cassette, not vs. printed on spine)
ZT-53136vs. (usa, cassette, vs. printed)
ET-67500no code (usa, cassette)
ET-68164yield (usa, cassette)
-yield (mexico, cassette)
Z-53136vs. (vinyl)
E-66900vitalogy (vinyl)
E-67500no code (vinyl)
E-68164yield (vinyl)
E2-63665binaural (vinyl)
-pearl jam (vinyl)
EVD50161single video theory (dvd)
EVD54010touring band 2000 (dvd)
ESD58549live at chop suey (dvd)
168.1.DVlive at the showbox (dvd, ten club)
E2D56986live at the garden (dvd)
R2 288636immagine in cornice (dvd, ten club)
-immagine in cornice (dvd)
-single video theory (vhs)
-touring band 2000 (vhs)
12/252000 bootlegs europe
all2000 bootlegs north america leg 1
all2000 bootlegs north america leg 2
all2003 bootlegs australia/japan
State College2003 bootlegs north america leg 1
Mexico 2, 32003 bootlegs north america leg 2
all (mp3)2005 bootlegs canada
all (mp3)2005 bootlegs south america/mexico
all (flac)2006 bootlegs north america leg 1
all (flac)2006 bootlegs north america leg 2
all (flac)2006 bootlegs europe
all (flac)2006 bootlegs australia/hawaii
all (cd + flac)2008 bootlegs north america